The Universal B2B Data Translation Platform

The plug-n-play, learn-from-examples data translator to ingest, translate, and export JSON,  CSV,  PDF, XLSX,  EDI, IDOC,  XML
from & to any internal or external system

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42Layers is the turnkey solution to automate data exchange

No “Standard Formats”. No painful Point-to-Point connections. Freedom to send & receive data however you want.

Web Development

Empower teams to...

Break down data silos

Eliminate manual processes

Be more productive

Automated Translations

Any protocol, any format, any app

Speaks EDI, API, XML, JSON, YAML, Protobuf, IDOC, CSV, DOCX, FTP....and more

Zero-code, AI powered, data translation

Map and transform data with examples, not code.
We don't glaze over the hardest part of moving data!

Freedom & flexibility for all parties, with zero impact

Let your partners decide how they want to connect without disruptions

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Real-time Security & Intelligence

Intelligence that is baked into the fabric, learning from and acting on data in real-time

Security & Governance in-transit

E2E identity, PII detection, DLP enforcement

Real-time Machine Learning

Language translation, error prevention, anomaly/outlier detection

Automated Transformations

Automated data & schema transforms

End-to-end Visibility

Single interactive view of customers & partners across all your systems

Streaming ingestion into any data warehouse

Curated data in one location, ready for analysis

Seamless exception handling

Manage & remediate exceptions with clicks

Control Tower for real-time visibility

Out of the box analytics


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